Integrative Touch and Craniosacral therapy

Integrative touch was born through a combination of craniosacral therapy, applied kinesiology, visceral manipulation and Laurel’s clinical experience in functional and integrative medicine. These sessions are 90min long and involve spinal, cerebrospinal and visceral manipulation, a down regulation of the sympathetic nervous system and improved left right brain integration.

Integrative touch is relevant in the management of gut health, headaches, allergies, neck and back pain, emotional traumas, ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, improved work and sports performance, stress management, reflux, tinnitus, all autoimmune conditions, insomnia and hormone imbalances. Integrative touch and craniosacral therapy are Western complementary practice that make use of therapeutic touch to manipulate the cerebrospinal fluid. By working on the cranium, spine and sacral area they aim to re-establish homeostasis in the body. Both Integrative touch and Craniosacral therapy are noninvasive and assist the body’s capacity for self-repair and facilitate autogenic balance.