Dry needling

Dry needling is an effective intervention aimed at reducing wide spread muscle spasms often associated with arthritis, muscle and ligament injuries and back pain. The term ‘Dry Needling’ is used as it describes the use of a thin needle to treat knots in the muscle without injecting a solution into the body.

When an injury occurs muscles tense into a protective spasm to guard against further damage. This contraction, along with inflammation, deprive the muscle of oxygen and prevent toxins from leaving the injured area. This leads to scar tissue formation and poor function in the muscle.

By inserting the thin needle into the knot a contract relax reflex or twitch response reduces the tension in the muscle. This twitch response improves muscle flexibility and function which in turn reduces pain. The theory behind Dry Needling differs completely from that of acupuncture and is based on the evidence of Western Medicine.