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I was referred to Laurel after tests came back illustrating a hormone-imbalance. My anxiety-levels were elevated but had spiked due to an event that had occurred a year previously where my son had had a seizure while at school and stopped breathing.

I was sceptical as to how physio could help.

Laurel was warm, kind, considerate and very sensitive to my emotions. She lay me down and started work on me. I felt the treatment working almost immediately….I could feel the anxiety leaving my body (a fuzzing sensation all the way down my spine). She let me talk and her sensitivity made me feel like I was talking to a friend.
That evening, my energy-levels were at an all-time high. I had one session with Laurel and my anxiety-levels have decreased incredibly. She had helped my body heal – the anxiety had manifested itself physically….Laurel allowed my body to remove that emotional trauma.

I have recommended her to friends and family – all of whom have  benefitted hugely by her knowledge and talents. Her ability is not just learned, it is intrinsic and very rare.

I am so grateful to Laurel.